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40 years ago in 1977, the most savage band on the face of the earth came into existence. Born in the initial fires of the punk explosion, from the minds of four disillusioned teenagers, in a matter of years, DISCHARGE quickly became the most emulated and influential punk band of all time. Hated by the gutter press, loved by the real hardcore punks and also heavy metal fans worldwide, DISCHARGE are the purest form of the term "Maximum Rock 'N' Roll".

Noise Not Music!

Please note - This is a fan made site and not for feeble bastards. If you are a feeble bastard, then you think what they say, and what they want you to think.

In no way is this site affiliated to the band themselves, or claims to represent their opinions - no doubt they would be horrified that some bastard had wasted his time spending a couple of hours (right..!) putting this stuff online. I really need to get a life...one day!!

More updates will happen over the coming months. So keep checking back as this is a work in progress and pages are liable to be added to every few days.

Comments regarding the site, and offers of money & beer can be sent to : HNSNSN-1982@hotmail.com


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