Most of the bootlegs below have appeared over the years on ebay, however please be aware that if you buy these then you are not actually supporting the bands music, just putting money into someone else's pocket. However as historical documents they do serve a purpose, and  keep history alive every time you listen to one. All in all however, you're better looking for live tapes, in the long run I suspect it will be easier on your pocket.

DON'T pay big money for these, and whatever you do, don't support bastards like the ebay seller Pow-Wow music, who just download audio from the internet, then try and pass them off as original live tapes and sell them to unsuspecting kids.

Notes -

1) "LIVE IN NOTTINGHAM" 7" EP  - Made by Kalv "Maris" Piper of HERESY. Limited to 454 Copies, each hand numbered. Average quality and featuring the first line up after the departure of Bones (Pooch on guitar). Later rebooted in Germany with blank white labels for no apparent reason other than to make some Sausage muncher a wad full of cash..

2 - 4) "MASSACRE OF PHILADELPHIA" LP. - Made by Kawakami of DISCLOSE. Limited 500 Copies on Black, Green, Blue and Red Vinyl. Also an additional 333 on Picture Disc with insert. Audience recording from the 1982 US tour, a blistering set that will blow you away with its intensity. Well packaged with loads of old press clippings and flyers by Kawakami (RIP).

5 - 7)  "FIGHT BACK / DECONTROL" EP. - Both EP's issued as a 9 Track 7" by some thick bastard in Germany. Absolutely fucking pointless. Shit sleeve quality, stamped labels, and poor sound. The maker deserves keelhauling.

8 - 11) "LIVE IN PRESTON" EP -  Made by F.L.B. in the USA, limited to 200 copies allegedly. Really raw, bombed out and distorted recording, but it's great to listen to it's that savage. Superbly put together sleeve with a collage of press clippings and photo's, clearly made by a real fan. The bonus is here you get the unreleased track "WHERE'S OUR FREEDOM?" and a version of "AIN'T NO FEEBLE BASTARD" that has a different song structure.

12) "FIRST LONDON SHOW" LP - Made by some arse in London, called Dave something or another, a notorious bootlegger. Good sound for an audience recording, but sleeve is just a colour xerox glued onto a white cover, the same as his DISORDER bootleg. Only for completists. Buy if you must, better still, steal it. Preferably from it's maker.

13) "REALITIES OF WAR" EP - Another utterly pointless bootleg, crap quality fold out sleeve, different labels, and inferior sound. Simply a waste of time. Someone needs a fucking good kicking for it.

14) - "SINGLES" LP - Brazillian bootleg from the late 90's. Along with the "REALITIES OF WAR" Boot, this is so bad it's untrue. For a start they've mastered it on the wrong speed so the songs play too fast, a bit like "THE BLOOD RUNS RED" CD bootleg. Flimsy South American quality sleeve. Yeah, save your money, it's shit. Compiles the EP's and "WHY" 12".

15 - 16) "LIVE MUSIC MACHINE" CD - Basically a bootleg of the "FIRST LONDON SHOW" LP onto CD. Originating from Japan. Same old images, with a feeble attempt to make it look like a CRASS Records release (Why?). It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

17 - 18) "NIGHTMARE IN LEPAKKO" CD - Another Japanese boot, a soundboard recording from the 1983 Scandinavian tour, it's pretty weak even though it's a soundboard audio. Maybe because it's got Pooch Purthill playing guitar and not Bones, which is most likely the case, because we all knows that Pooch wasn't fit to kiss Bones' arse when came down to delivering the goods live.

19) "LIVE 1983" LP - The most recent boot, taken from a live soundboard recording from the 100 Club in February 1983. Badly put together sleeve, black plain labels, and even worse badly edited together. Allegedly originated in Germany, but we know better. Worth £5 if you're a completist but that's about it. The maker should be ashamed of himself.

20) - "1978 DEMO" 7" EP - Incompetent release of the bands 1978 Demo, again shoddily packaged with images download from the fucking internet that are pixalated. Two different versions around, Black vinyl and Pink vinyl. From the same cretin I hear who bought us the "FIRST LONDON SHOW" LP. What a fucking cunt. Pay no more than 99p at most, better still buy the official LP version.

21) - "APOCALYPSE NOW" EP - Excellent two track single sided 7", with two songs recorded from the soundboard at the Lyceum in 1981, culled from the "Apocalypse Punk Tour" CD. Heavy cardstock sleeve that actually features a picture of Bambi as well, only one copy surfaced on ebay ever, and only 20 copies exist as it was not sold, but rather given away to fans by another fan. You've more chance of seeing that arse from Wrathchilde singing with the band than finding a copy.
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