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DISCHARGE - Wars No Fairytale Manchester 1981.mp3

DISCHARGE - Aint No Feeble Bastard Birmingham 1981.mp3

DISCHARGE - Realities Of War Detroit 1982.mp3

So far, these are the live tapes from 1980 - 1986 that I know of and are in circulation. I have no doubt that there are more waiting to be discovered, but until someone comes forward with more then this short list will have to suffice. Almost all are audience recordings, some are raw but great for the hardcore fan, some are soundboard recordings, some will blow your mind such is the sheer raw power of the band live. Now added are MP3's of a variety of live cuts.

Discharge– Live Warehouse, Preston 21.08.80
Discharge – Live Bedford 18.10.80
Discharge – Live Music Machine, London 28.10.80
Discharge – Live Lyceum, London 24.5.81
Discharge – Live Polytechnic, Manchester 1.7.81
Discharge – Live Central Hotel, Gillingham 8.11.81
Discharge - Live Cedar Club, Birmingham 20.11.81
Discharge – Live 100 Club, London 23.02.82
Discharge – Live 100 Club, London 17.08.82
Discharge – Live Cavern Club, Middlesbrough 18.8.82
Discharge – Live City Club, Detroit, USA 15.9.82
Discharge – Live Philadelphia, USA 16.10.82
Discharge – Live 9.30 Club, Washington DC, USA 17.10.82
Discharge – Live Florentine Gardens, Hollywood, USA 1982
Discharge – Live 100 Club, London 1.02.83
Discharge – Live Xtreems, Brighton 03.03.83
Discharge – Live 100 Club, London 15.3.83
Discharge - Live Golden Eagle, Birmingham 24.3.83
Discharge – Live Lepakko, Finland 25.4.83
Discharge - Live Gothenberg, Sweden 29.4.83
Discharge – Live Union Boat Club, Nottingham 1983
Discharge – Live Paychecks Lounge, Hamtramck, USA 20.11.83
Discharge – Live Larry’s, Toronto Canada 24.11.83
Discharge - Live Adam & Eves, Leeds 1986

For copyright reasons and to deter bootleggers none of these live tapes will be uploaded in full. Nor are they available to purchase... If you have something to trade, please contact via the email address given on the front page. Many thanks to the fuckers I've already traded tapes with.


"Leather & Sweat Fills The Atmosphere, I Sense An Enjoyment, As You Pogo To, The Anarchist Songs Being Shouted Out!...

There's No Real Music, And I'm Just Shouting And Screaming, But There's a Response To Our Anarchist Preaching

But After The Gig, It's Back To Obeying Their Every Say, Back To Being Those Poor Lambs, Led To The Fucking Slaughter!

Are You The Defeatists Who Dare Not Face, The Realism Of What We're Preaching, Are You Really So Afraid?"

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