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FIGHT BACK Misspress?

Mr. Black Leather In Stockholm Writes The Following -

Q : "I have to get this headless Cal 1st press..... did you know about this??"


A : Well, I took a look at that Youtube link, and to me it looks to me like some thick bastard has just coloured in the sleeve with a felt tip pen they bought from Poundland and is taking the the fucking piss. I worked a little as a printer, and a real misspressed sleeve is to me for example the reversed BROKEN BONES "Crucifix" Sleeve, or a colour variation due to a different mix of inks being used. This sleeve seems to have just some random parts missing such as part of Cal's head, and the band logo and not even in a straight line as you would expect from a print cut off, or running out of an ink colour.

I find this highly dubious, and I would like to see the actual cover in real life to see if it's for real. Until then, I must say I think this is a pretty stupid hoax, and not really of use to anyone. Over the years, most DISCHARGE collectors have heard of the German "State Violence" pressings, or the Swedish "Warning" and "Price Of Silence" Pressings, but this to me, along with the alleged existence of Japanese pressings of the first 3 EP's is utter bollocks.

Unless of course, the alleged owner would like to email more information, and some more people with the same pressing fault, come forward. It's also extremely unlikely that it is a "First" pressing, because more people would own it, and know about it.


Update 31st May 2012 -

Well, many thanks indeed to Jon Evans who alerted me to an actual mispressing of the "Fight Back" EP. It would seem that Jon owns a copy that has the wrong label on the A side of the EP, and as these kind of mistakes are hellishly rare, I would wager no more than a tiny handful of these exist (Somewhere between 3-5 copies would be a conservative estimate). And although not as glamorous as a supposed sleeve misprint, it still represents an almost impossible aquisition for the die hard Dis-collector. Jon was kind enough to provide images of the the actual record which I have placed below



 GARRY MALONEY, Punk icon?

Mr Black Leather writes again from darkest Stockholm!

"I think we should alert the kids to the fact that one member of DISCHARGE was a bit of a celebrity in his own right on the sly. They've been kept in the dark for far too long about his appearances on other bands record sleeves and videos, we need to blow, blow, blow their minds!!"

You're fucking right of course my friend, now I wonder how many people will have taken a look above at the picture I've used as a background to the DISCHARGE / DEMON mispress? And spotted a connection. Very few I'll bet, well look at the fellow on the left, why it's none other than DIS-man-about-town, GARRY MALONEY appearing in some newspaper or another from 1981, and the same picture was reprinted in another national newspaper only a few years ago I'm led to believe. Here it is again, but without the record overlaid.

"Wait!!" You may cry, "I know that jacket!" Of course you fucking do, here's Garry (With two "R"s) again, appearing on the cover of his band of the time THE VARUKERS debut EP, there's our Garry again, on the right. The man is a born star. Look how effortlessly he is parading his heavily studded leather to the camera. If that wasn't a gauntlet thrown in the face of Cal, I don't know what was. A direct challenge to the leather studded supremacy of the "REALITIES OF WAR" Sleeve.

But, it would seem that it simply wasn't enough, Garry had his taste of fame, and wanted more. He was drunk on lager, lager & lime, obsessed with photos, photos and fame. He simply needed more exposure. So Garry again popped up that year on another bands record sleeve. However at this point he used the much maligned medium of colour to portray himself in a new light to his adoring faithful girlfriend from the riot torn inner city of Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Nerys Again. (Nerys can be seen stood next to Garry in the first picture).

The band lucky enough to feature young Garry on the sleeve? Why, it was none other than Belfasts bruisers THE DEFECTS. If you have that "SURVIVAL" 7" (And there should be no fucking reason that you don't at all) you can see him right there, in the bottom left hand corner. Not content now with actually being a fully paid up member of DISCHARGE, and getting his face on the back of HNSNSN and in numerous magazines, Garry was determined to make the whole of Punk Rock his very own!!

And, so it came to pass, that very same year, Garry hit upon the idea of using film to imprint his visage on the pysche of the Punk scene. His final publicity bloodbath.

Upon getting Animal of the ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE in a drunken headlock, in the public bar of Coventry train station one night before the "SO WHAT" tour, he secured himself a cameo (Word up!) appearance in the ANL's "So What" promo video. This was enough, Garry had already become Punks most revered drummer, and now he became THE face to be adorned on your record sleeve or to be seen in your video. In the footage below, at 1.52 minutes, you can see Garry strutting his stuff to the public! Go Garry, go!!

HNSNSN Runtime conspiracy?

Plate 2 in Liverpool has this Question -

Q : "Dear Mr. Control -

I was wondering if there is any significance to the running time of the Hear Nothing LP? Is it pure coincidence that it runs for precisely 27:27.
Having contacted an numerologist in Tibet I was informed that.....

2+7 =9  .........9 + 2 = 11

11 is the optimum number of D beats per chorus 
11 is the number that Bones' amp goes up to.
11 - when chanted in Tibetan is pronounced "  Whi "

He finished by informing me that by combining 2 and 7 together in this format it unlocks the portal to a monstrous "otherworld "of perpetual D-beat, winds, fire-storms and no fuckers. I am concerned."

A :  Well, if I were you, Plate 2, I would hold onto your hat and pray to the Dis-gods in the sky. Because, I have to agree that something metaphysical is actually occurring with that. Myself, and an associate noticed this runtime some 16 years ago, whilst under the influence of cheap lager (Courtesy of the Challenge Pils Company). It was noticeable on those mid 90's CD pressing issued via Trojan Records after they bought Clay Records out. However, been the clever chaps we are, we instantly pulled out a vinyl pressing, put it on the deck of destruction, and timed the songs. To our shock, they again clocked in at a hellish 27 minutes, and 27 seconds.

Subsequent pressings on Captain Oi, I believe have an additional 1 second of runtime added to "THE END" for no apparent reason, but we all know that when you crank your Hi-Fi's amp to 11, and play HNSNSN all the way through at this volume, a vortex opens in time and space and sucks your eyes clean out of their sockets. Under current EU health and safety regulations (Which I personally think are fucking soft as shite, I mean, whoever heard of 8 year old kids NOT playing on fucking building sites? - Ridiculous!), the albums destructive power, which can be likened to an enormous door, slamming in the depths of hell, can seriously damage your hearing, as well as your sight - hence Captain Oi's inclusion of that extra 1 second.

Sadly, we live in darker times, where some people believe that they need to wrap us all in cotton wool to protect us. Thankfully, though I need to check this, I believe the recent Japanese box set pressings have faithfully restored HNSNSN's final one second of runtime to it's former glory with loving care and attention to detail.


WHY? Reprise

Mr D.Beater in Bristol, Asks The Following -

Q : "Great Site, its cracking my brain up! Good fucking work sir, I wonder though, how many times Does Cal actually shout "Why" at the end of the second version, every time I listen to it I go into a trance and lose track..."

A : Happy to help you there Dee, me old mate. Cal bellows "WHY?" from 0.42 seconds in after the second refrain of "WHY, WHY, WHY BUT WHY?", at the top of his voice, no less than 39 fucking times. Now, hows that for you squire?

Below : Cal, bellowing WHY? (At least 39 times) to some kids

RAINY's Leather Jacket on ebay?

Old Nick, in Diablo, California writes with this..

"Good evening, you bastard. I love the site, takes me back to the good old days, when Punks were really punks, and those fucking new wavers knew their place!! Anyway, inbetween sipping at a Guiness from my luxury swimming pool which is filled with the stuff, I happened to remember that hung up in my closet, next to the corpse, the corpse of decadence, was Rainy's old leather. Or so I'm led to believe it was. I have a fax stating the providence of the jacket from the guy I bought it from, can you shed any blinding light, winds and firestorms upon my agonised cries as to it's legitamacy?"

Well, I'm a bit baffled on this one Nick my good man, we all saw the jacket on ebay a few years ago, and naturally we all sold a fucking kidney each at the time in a feeble attempt to own this amazing piece of Dis-history. Not since 1987, when the pair of socks that Cal wore all the way through the GNW tour appeared in a charity shop in downtown Hanley, has such a stir been caused. But first, lets take a look at that jacket in question in all it's glory, and ask ourselves, would it be the style that Rainy would wear if he was not wearing his drape suit? After all, it must be said, no one in the band dressed better in my opinion.

Yes, I think I can safely say, that looks like the jacket that Rainy wore in numerous images from the 1982 period on on well into 1983, and more than likely something he would wear full stop. And your email from the guy who sold it to you, says he obtained it from Tezz, therefore it must be real. Back in those days, it was common practice to trade or steal each others  jackets, records, alcoholic beverages, girlfriends etc. so we have no reason to not believe that at some point in the past the jacket did not belong to Rainy, before "belonging" to Tezz.

However, it must be said it's looking a little frayed around the edges these days, and I would advise you NOT to keep trying it on while you are drunk and miming to HNSNSN and breaking furniture because it's a priceless fucking artifact, and along with the WHY and HNSNSN pressing plates, one of the true holy grails of Dis-mania. To keep it it tip top shape, you need to hang the jacket on barbed wire as it's original owner would have done. You know it makes sense.

Now, if only the owner of that pair of Cal's socks would come forward then we might just have enough DNA from these items (Along with the armbands, and patches) to clone the bands early line up, and get the clones to play some gigs playing the entire first 3 EP's and WHY in full. That's something to dwell on, oh yes indeed....!!

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