How far will your Dis-mentalism go? Will you stoop to all time pitiful lows, seeing your wife and children go homeless, alone, hungry and cold? In order to satisfy your mania for DISCHARGE, money will be squandered, and on what? Why, on all manner of exquisite pieces of memorabilia and obscurities that bear sometimes only a passing connection to the finest Stoke has to offer.

I know of people who spent their Christmas days tramping the Streets of Stoke-On-Trent trying to catch a fleeting glimpse of the ever elusive Cal as he tucks into his Turkey at his Mam's. That level of mania for DISCHARGE can only be applauded, however sad it may seem.......

However, for the most of us poor wretches, a day out to the potteries is but a (Clay) pipe dream, so here on these pages, you, the delicate reader, will find some images and choice words from an elite of DISCHARGE fans kind enough to talk about some of the stuff the have amassed over the decades.

Never Again, will you stop and think carefully about getting tanked up and scouring the internet looking for everything related to the band with a feeling of guilt. You are not alone..

Update June 2nd 2012 -

Very shortly I shall attempt to change the layout of this page as I start to add the alzheimers induced rantings of the socially inadequate about items from their collection of DISCHARGE stuffs. One of the latest additions is pictured opposite, a copy of "REALITIES OF WAR" signed by Bones, Rainy, Bambi, Cal and sleeve designer Martin H at a gig in Northampton RoadMenders in 1981. What makes it more intriguing is the sixth signature which the inner circle of Dis-mentalists have yet to decipher. Will it be a clue to whereabout of Mr K.Morris and his imminent return to lecture us all while we search in bins for the odd dog end, the odd dog and food? Only time will tell.

Let The Battle Of The Dis-Mowers Begin!!



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