"This is a grave, a grave new world" - So crooned DISCHARGE legend Cal in 1986, and what a fucking disaster it was for the band.

"PLEASE keep D.Beater away from praising GNW!!!!! It's the most soul-destroying , mind-boggling , drug-addled , delusional piece of musical disintegration ever put to vinyl" - So speaketh Plate 2 in Liverpool.

But, bollocks!! I say nay, GNW is a fucking masterpiece whatever you may think, I bought it, I saw the tour, and enjoyed every minute of it all, despite the band actually getting blown off stage by Swedens ANTI-DIS-LICKERS and AGONY-CIMEX. At least I think they did, I had consumed so much cider on the actual evening of the event I was seeing double, two Cal's for the price of silence, sorry, I meant two monstrous nuclear Cal's for the price of one!!! 

*Trivia question* - When CIMEX supported DISCHARGE in Leeds, only two English punks danced to 'em, the rest of the kids were actually Swedish friends of the band and members of AGONI, name the two idiots from England, both from bands!!! Send your answers on the back of a postcard to 26 Hope St, Hanley, Stoke On trent, England. Sorry I can't return your entries, but I will offer a prize for the best replies shown.

When looked at seriously "GRAVE NEW WORLD" offers some of the fucking heaviest riffs ever committed to black wax, and if you don't like Cal's voice, then you're a wimp!! As an added bonus, the band finally found a killer guitar player, non other than Steve "Fish" Brookes of Stoke's other HC Punk gods, THE SKEPTIX.  Despite the live shows NOT featuring bass charington destroyer, Mr. R. Wainwright, they even took the live set to the USA, although that was ill advised at the time. Sure, it was not DISCHARGE as we knew and loved, but it was head and shoulders above the musical atrocities commited upon "MASSACRE DIVINE" and "SHOOTIN' UP THE WORLD" which saw some knobheads recruited alongside Cal and Garry to drag the name through the mud....For that alone Cal owes us all another few live appearences with the band before Doomsday!


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