Thanks To No Fucker....

Except the following, who ain't no feeble bastards -

P.C. in Liverpool, C.A. in Bristol, R.W. in Huddersfield,

L.W. in Stockholm, D.T. in Bristol,

and all Discharge maniacs worldwide.

Special Thanks To....

Cal, Rainy, Bones, Tezz, Bambi, Garry & Fish.

Pooch maybe, if he sends money, and explains in a thesis of no less than 5000 words WHY he was not as good as Bones.

Please mail any complaints regarding this site to -

K.Morris C/O

26 Hope Street




Absolutely No Thanks Whatsover To "D-Beat Crasher Crust" Morons. You're A Disgrace To The Corpse Of Pig Champion. I Sincerely Hope That You Are Kept In Line With Truncheons, Rifle Butts And Truncheons For Turning HC Punk Into A Monochrome Fashion Parade With As Much Aggression As One Of Larry Graysons Handshakes, You're Poor Lambs, Led To The Fucking Slaughter.

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