*Originally Posted 27th May 2012*

Well, I'm back online again after an excursion to developing countries and dealing in death, and I have returned to find a massive increase in views on the site. Obviously this has struck a chord somewhere with some people, though not the opening ones to "Always Restrictions" judging by the pitiful and small response I have seen in the email box. over 3000 views and 3 mails. However I suppose that in this atomic age we live in that's the best I can expect.

However, you arse crawling bastards can suck my arse if you think this site is here just for you to download free stuff.

Any road up, thanks are due to the three people outside the usual gang of Dis-mentalists who bothered to write including some fellow in Canada who has mailed a couple of snapshots of the Ontario 1983 show, and a scan of his gig ticket of the 1982 show with VICE SQUAD, thankyou Derek you fithy punk rock bastard, Cal be with you my son!

There are many works to be completed on here, including crediting photographers, which I fully intend to do where possible, however it's a massive work, so if you see any of your own pictures on here, please feel free to contact me to recieve a credit on the site.

I would also like to recieve offers of money, beer, party invitations and most importantly accounts of your favourite DISCHARGE live shows of the past, and even the present if you're that way inclined, absolutely anything. This site as well as providing a historical perspective and information on the band, is also about you, the Dis-mentalists on the streets who actually buy the fucking records, and go to the gigs. In order to satisfy our mania for DISCHARGE, information must be shared.

OK, the site will begin to be updated with new pictures and more text this week at some point, keep checking back and don't be a feeble bastard, spread the fucking word you fucker.

* Stop Press* - A fourth email recieved from some fucker in Nigeria wanted my bank account details, a phone number and my sworn oath of secrecy as he has just embezzled 30 million quids and would I like a share. I haven't the heart to say no, all I want is a new DISCHARGE record with songs under two minutes that sounds like a hell on earth. He simply wouldn't understand the thick bastard.

*Below - Gig Ticket Toronto 1982*