*Originally Posted 13th May 2012*

I have very little to say by way of a welcome, other than that old Cal classic, and that this site has been online only a few days but has a few hundred hits already by hardcore Dis-mentalists. There is no real aim, other than to document my all time favourite band, if you don't like them, then there's probably something wrong with you mate, why don't you have a sit down and a nice cup of ovaltine instead whilst listening to some softer shite? I have a load of stuff to upload as I expand the database of images, some of these have been online already over the past 10 years or so, but please don't be expecting me to put up some of the images in higher quality, as I'd like to deter bootleggers from using this as a goldmine to package their illegal and unfair releases.

Although I'm a hardcore fan, and will buy anything, or try to, I still don't want to perpetuate a cottage industry of thieving from the band and their untouchable legacy (They've left behind). I'm much more interested in trading live tapes from the 1980 - 1982 (Bones) period, if you have any that I might not have, drop me a line. The same applies if you have anything to contribute to this site. Feel free. I'll reply eventually.

As you can no doubt gather as well, the site will constantly evolve as I dig up more stuff from my own collection, and some stuff from other contacts and fellow Dis-mentalists around the UK. OK, that's it for now, as always,


D.Control, England.

*In case you've been living in a cave, HAVOC Records in the USA just reissued the first five 7"s a few months ago, a limited run were available on white vinyl with a poster, though I have to say the pressing quality is not as good as the original Clay Pressings - but then again it sure as hell is better than some of the crap I've seen recently. Enter "HAVOC RECORDS" into your "favorite" search engine and it will give you a link to their site.

*Plenty of gig dates with the current line up are listed around Europe, go check the official site, then go see the band and buy a fucking shirt from them and not all these utter cunts who make bootlegs.

*Also spotted recently, was the meeting between two legends, ex-DISCHARGE drummer Garry, and SEX PISTOLS frontman John Lydon. Fucking hell, can you imagine being a fly on the wall for that?? It's enough to make you weep. I salute them both!! Photographic evidence is online below!!