*Originally Posted 17th May 2012"

5 days in and over 500 hits on the site, and not one offer of beer, or even a night out at the Potteries. You feeble bastards...

So what's the score you may ask? Well unless you're totally thick, you must realise that this month is the 30 year anniversary of the release of "HEAR NOTHING, SEE NOTHING, SAY NOTHING". By Cal! I swear it was only yesterday!! I have to check the archives for the exact release date, but that shouldn't be an issue, everyone should be playing the album, raising a toast, and cursing the system and establishment that still makes it the most relevant album ever released. There are rumours that something will happen to commemorate it's release in the next two weeks, though whether this comes to fruition is anyone's guess.

CARGO STUDIOS, in sunny Rochdale, shut down in 1984, and it was only a few years ago the town council held a ceremony and unveiled an official Blue plaque as a place of history, with non other than MIKE STONE attending. I had planned on going to visit, and steal a few bricks from the now derelict building, which would have been great to throw through the windows of the Dis-haters. Imagine the irony of throwing a brick from the very studio that "HNSNSN" was recorded through the window of bearded moron Gary "The Scab" Bushell.

Simply bliss, that thought is. Sticking with beards, below is a picture of engineer COLIN RICHARDSON at work at the mixing desk in CARGO Studios. Nice one Colin, you did a grand job mate. I salute you! Your Beard was simply facial buffoonery though! Only Rainy's beard can be viewed with awe and respect!

And so, there's been progress on updating stuff over the past few days, and I feel it's now looking something like halfway decent, better than the lamentable old site ran by that bloke from Newcastle, and maybe better than the official site even (Webmaster Adam needs to pull his fucking finger out and get it looking ship shape, right now it's a big headache to even look at it..it's almost like a brain damaged chimpanzee has been let loose designing it to be honest and it's not doing the current line up any favours - come on Adam lad, get stuck in there!!). I'll be adding more stuff, more pages, more reasons for looking at tomorrow, over the next few weeks with a selection of contributions from a miniscule cast of socially disadvantaged Dis-mentalists.

However, progress will be slow over the next 7 days as I am away in foreign climes, dealing in death and selling arms to developing countries. To developing countries, I'm selling death. Anyway, pull out your copy of "HNSNSN", slab it on the turntable, crack open a beer or three, crank up the volume and Rainy's your uncle, it's 1982 all over again!! Now, where's my fucking Giro?

*STOP PRESS* Rumors of a DISCHARGE hard print book continue to haunt us all, as does the promise of a new 5 track EP of all new songs on lovely 45 rpm vinyl. With no song clocking in over 2 minutes. Is this to be..............?