Good evening, it has indeed being nearly 6 months since the last update to this site, in that time period what started as a fan website, has now become something much more serious with the help of a few fellow Dis-mentalists, in the form of the holy bible that will be the Discharge book.

Happily I can say that this will be 100% band endorsed, and while sometimes the articles and words on hear (Nothing) contain an element of black humour (Sarcasm!) the book will be 100% serious from cover to cover. It will be a long project, but the end result will be magnificent celebration of the first 10 years of the most uncompromising band on the face of the earth.

I had promised some new unseen photo's, but with the book project of paramount importance there will be no visual updates to this site, the main reason being, that I personally am tired of the bands legacy being reduced to "Likes" on facebook, posts on Tumblr and shit bootleg merchandise from posers in America. If this is all it means to you all, then you missed the point entirely. These people claim to be fans of the band, but I fail to see anything other than trying to look cool. I do not want to fuel the bootleg and facebook culture. They can all kiss the cock of Garry Bushell. While facebook should be used as a news and information portal, it is used to score points of who's the "Coolest" and who can post the "Rarest" picture, usually with a completely WRONG description or date. The funniest was on the lastest Face(Arse)book fan page with a picture of Pol of Antisect, with the page maker claiming it was Garry. Right.....

With that in mind, please check book every couple of months for book news when there is some, and support the bands efforts NOT by bootlegging their stuff, but by buying official shirts, and going to the gigs.