By Cal's Beetlecrushers! It's been nearly 5 months since the last outpouring of verbal abuse, and in this remarkbly long space of time, much has happened, and many like minded people have viewed this site, by my reckonings, some 10,000 plus hits on here, proving that at least someone, somewhere (Not big brother) is reading. However, the most disappointing aspect is the remarkable way in which stupid people just repost pictures from here on Tumblr, or faecesbook, and try and score credibilty points with their equally insipid friends obsessed with the fucking fucked up internets. What a set of boring cunts you all are. It would be nice if these retards could at very least mention where they saw the pictures, and even the written text they've copied directly, or even provide a link to the bands official site....Come on there kids, pull your fucking fingers out!!

Moving on, several things have happened as well, which gave me and my fellow contributors cause to leap up and down with elation. First, we are much in debt to Mr. T. Gunnersson for his transaltion of a Swedish Interview made with Cal from 1983 on the bands Scandinavian dates of that year. And we are equally if not more in debt to Mr. N.Ord for the lend of his outstanding collection of Photos from the Hull, Grimsby and Retford Porterhouse gigs from 1981 and 1982. Some of these are quite common in low quality around the internets, but only a tiny handful, in fact none of the Hull ones are currently online. I shall be adding these gradually in the coming months to the photo pages.

But I would like to thank especially Ms. J. Wainright for letting us know that Rainy has seen the site and likes it, massive amounts of thanks to both of you for the acknowledgement,
it is highly appreciated and noted. Thanyou also to Ms. Wainright for this great photo of the legend himself, with Conflicts Col, taken in Manchester. The older among us may remember that Colin was on record in the 80's as saying DISCHARGE were his favourite band. Hard to believe then that this was the first time they both met in person.

In the summer months, apart from getting addled on drink, the idea of the NOISE NOT MUSIC photobook began to take shape, with help from many contributors, I began to piece together this holy bible of fucking DISCHARGE history trying to cram in as much as possible from whatever sources available, currently it stands at 100 completed pages, full of interviews and old pictures from the 1980-1984 time period, however whether it actually gets into production remains to be seen, as it is basically nothing more than a glorified fanzine, presented in hardbook book format and full colour and would be rather expensive to produce on a small scale. The motivation behind this was purely that if you have more than two braincells, you'll all realise that the internets are shit, and full or braindead morons, and I'm sure that most people would rather read a book than a shitty website. And so, until any more news on futher developments are available, the book will remain a private project for its creators with occasional snapshots posted online to garner possible interest.

Without further ado, I shall fuck off, and go drink some exceptionally strong coffee while laughing at at another 100 shitty ten pence bands describing themselves as "D-Beat Crust". Go fuck yourselves, morons!!