Good evening bastards. I have returned from my brief sales trip to developing countries, and come back to find a few things that naturally need to be attended to. This week will see the addition of some interviews from the Dis-mentalist archives, and the first article for the Dis-sertations page will be presented courtesy of Plate 2. Which is about time as I have been hassling the bastard for many moons to complete this most simple of tasks. The Same applies from soon to be contributors Odd Dog End (And trust me, he is odd, and sometimes rowdy when he's had a whiff of the barmaids apron) and the ever dependable Mr Black Leather. Yes, it's almost like a fucking game of Cluedo, trying to guess which down at heels UK Punk Rock minor celebrities are writing some of this. Ooohh! I could crush a grape, sorry, meant smash the state there. So, as we move ever deeper into the damp and gloom that is the Dis-mentalist archives, digging up more and more trivia, facts and figures regarding Stoke's finest, I ask you again, and for what?

It's easy to acknowlege the fire that Discharge lit in our minds, the sheer massiveness, and musical destruction every one of their songs exudes (Excluding of course Massacre Divine....) was/is the soundtrack to the lives we lead, our worst fears and our voice of dissent. More so than CRASS, more so than THE EXPLOITED. For me, DISCHARGE combined the intelligence of CRASS with the musical excitement of THE EXPLOITED, but they took everything to another level. More intense, savage and lethal than any other band on this earth. When I listen to "FIGHT BACK" or "AIN'T NO FEEBLE BASTARD", they genuinely inspire me, I feel 10 feet tall and that I don't have do what "They" tell me to. Suffice to say, I won't subscribe to their system, or their hands that tighten around my wallet.

And so, When the next site update goes live on Sunday, or Monday next week, you can take a look at what has been added, and again realise that you are not alone. This is not blind hero worship (Well, maybe, a little bit...) more this is history and just as important as shit written about any other band from the same time, by fucking wankers like Paul Morely of the NME or that fucking slimey cocksucker Danny Baker, and all their mates at the BBC who thought Punk ended in 1979 (Hey feeble bastards, thanks for the pathetic 15 fucking seconds only of Charlie Harper on your ridiculous "Punk Brittania" series which was clearly written by a total spastic busy wanking off Paul Weller and Elvis Costello). On that sour note, a crate of beer to the person who breaks into Billy Bragg's Devon mansion and kicks him in the bollocks - fuck all these champagne socialists who've rewrote history to suit their agendas). Only DISCHARGE was real.....the nightmare continues!!